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A resource for integrated genetical genomic analysis of the human Imprint Control Regions (ICRs)


Key features:

  •  Somatic datasets, including Brain, Liver and Kidney samples, and Gametic dataset from Sperm and Oocyte

  • Searchable database by ICRs, Gene Symbol, and genomic coordinate

  • Scatter plot of CpG methylation

    • Orange is a proxy to 100% CpG methylation.

    • Green is a proxy to 50% CpG Methylation.

    • Blue is a poxy to 0% CpG methylation

  • Putative ICRs and a  known ICRs

    • Putative: 1488

    • Known: 25

  • Select the tracks from the left-hand side and search the locus with the gene symbol (eg. MEG3).

  • Users’ selection of favored datasets or tracks

Usage note: To zoom in and zoom out, use the in-screen “+” and “-” or Ctrl and “+” OR Ctrl and “-” from the keyboard. 
License agreement:
The human imprintome manuscript is under review, and the website is intended for reviewers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you found this database and plan to use it in your research, and we have a patent under consideration addressing some aspects of data use. 
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