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A resource for integrated genetical genomic analysis of the human Imprint Control Regions (ICRs)


Key features:

  •  Somatic datasets, including Brain, Liver, and Kidney samples, and Gametic dataset from Sperm and Oocyte

  • Searchable database by ICRs, Gene Symbol, and genomic coordinate

  • Scatter plot of CpG methylation

    • Orange is a proxy for 100% CpG methylation in somatic and gametic data.

    • Green is a proxy for 50% CpG Methylation.

    • Blue is a poxy to 0% CpG methylation

  • Putative ICRs and a  known ICRs

    • Putative: 1488

    • Known: 25

  • Click on the HMAN ICRs link from the menu and search the locus with the ge, ne symbol (e.g. MEG3).

  • Users’ selection of favored datasets or tracks

Usage note: To zoom in and zoom out, use the in-screen “+” and “-” or Ctrl and “+” OR Ctrl and “-” from the keyboard. 

Publication Link: Human Imprintome, 2022

License agreement:
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you find this database and plan to use it in your research and need some help; we have a patent under consideration addressing some aspects of the data use. 
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